Panama City Beach Mahi-mahi In December

Report Date: December 5, 2017

Another beautiful December day, and with it, some beautiful Mahi-Mahi!

We woke up late to avoid the chilly morning. We took our time getting ready, had our coffee and ate a good breakfast. We were not in any hurry to get on the water. However, had we known what was in store for us, we definitely would have hurried to get on the water earlier that morning. Although, It didn't seem to matter what we did, it was just our destiny to have a great day.

As we arrived at the bait spot it seemed as if the bait wanted to go with us, eagerly gathering in the chum line. It was as if they were saying "take me with you!". The moment I released my cast net, I knew it was goin to be full of bait. As I pulled it aboard the boat, I was not disappointed. The live well was full of bait and we were ready to head off shore. We cleaned up the boat and headed out of the pass. The water was as flat as glass. I put the throttle down and we took off like a rocket as we made our way offshore. I noticed a large rip and a water temperature change from 67 to 70 degrees. I slowed the boat down to investigate and noticed some floating debris in the water. I immediately gathered a net full of pilchards from my live well and threw them in to the water. The moment the bait hit the water, Boom!!!!

Mahi-Mahi were everywhere! From the first cast, we were hooked up with fish after fish. We kept a few and released the rest.

That beautiful December day was one for the books, with incredible fishing and memories to last a lifetime! https://youtu.be/PqcY_g1Ve7U


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