Offshore Fish Species

King Mackerel

King Mackerel are also known as kingfish.  They are either caught by trolling or drifting live baits.  These fish are known for their drag screaming runs.  They are also called smokers due to the heat generated by the line leaving the reel so fast, it causes the reel to smoke.  Kings are good table fare.  They are often smoked for fish dip, or grilled fresh - not recommended to store.  These fish are usually caught late April through November.


Mahi-Mahi are also known as dolphin or dorado.  These fish are some of the most exiting fish we catch.  They're usually caught flat lining or pitching baits under weed lines.  These fish will blow you away with their beautiful colors and athletic ability. This fast swimming, high jumping, fish will have your heart racing!  They are excellent table fare and are usually caught June through October.

Blackfin Tuna & Bonita

These fish are the speedsters of the fish world.  Never stopping, these fish can swim at speeds up to 24 miles an hour.  Although part of the tuna family, bonita are not good table fare and primarily cut up for bait. Blackfin, however, is excellent table fare.  Usually grilled, smoked, seared in a pan or my favorite sushi or sashimi.  Bonita can be caught year round, but blackfin tuna tend to be caught in the warmer months.


These fish migrate through our area mid-March through May and can be found on the nearshore wrecks and reefs throughout the summer months.  We target them by sight fishing with jigs and live bait. These fish are hard fighting and excellent table fare.


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