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Report Date: March 21, 2013

Spring is here and the fishing is heating up, too bad the weather is not doing the same.
With all the wind and rain we have been fishing inshore lately and having a great time. The fish have been more than willing to jump on the hook. The sheep head are in full swing, we had a great day on the water yesterday and I sent my guys home with a mess of fish for the table.

The red fish are still chewing with a lot of big fish and a few slot fish mixed in.

  We have been putting a smack down on the trout in the backcountry. A lot of the fish are to big to keep but it sure is fun to pull on a few of these gator trout. Remember you can only keep 1 over 20 inches and 4 under so take what you need and put the rest back.

We are getting a lot of Spanish but the full migration has not started yet, but should start any day now.

It has been hard to get out there but on the few days we manage to go, the fishing was great.
The amberjacks are still small but we are tearing them up on the jigs.
Red grouper opens on April 1st and should be great this year. There is a lot of bee liners, white snapper and trigger fish around to help fill the box, so come get them!!! Remember I clean the fish for you so don’t get stuck at the dock with a bunch of smelly fish and no way to take care of them.

Thanks, and as always tight lines and bent poles to all.


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